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••• Metro News Update: Liberal talk show host Eric Crossley will be signing on to the Metro America Radio Network according to a spokesperson at KWWX-DB radio in Los Angeles. The prominant and highly educated Crossley went off the air suddenly after a contract dispute a few months ago. His typical brand of show will be carried on the networks two radio stations and available 24-7 on the networks various websites. ••• LOS ANGELES - Dustin Alexander-Perez will be bringing back his show, "Metro Today NewsTalk Radio" according to a spokesperson from MARN. The show is currently looking for guests and show topics of any nature beside political or religious discussions. Visit this websites contact page for more info. ••• LITTLE ROCK, AR - Metro News Network's Chicagoland Bureau announced in a statement that it will be streamlining and consolidating its operations in the Southeastern part of the United States in an effort to expand further into the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. The Little Rock, Nashville and Branson offices of MNN will be closed indefinitely as of August 1st also due to slumping sales and a shortage of qualified staff in that area. ••• For all the latest news updates, visit The Met Sentinel online at MetSentinel.com •••