The Life Beyond Brain Injury Project

Why We Chose LBBI

Welcome to the Life Beyond Brain Injury Project site. We chose LBBI because it seems like the right thing to do for author Thomas Hapka of Southeastern Wisconsin. Our brief story begins  when Dustin Alexander-Pérez, the founder and one of the partner owners meeting Mr. Hapka at a time when Dusty was very ill and needed specialised home health care. Tom was assigned to Dusty's case and did everything possible to ensure that Dusty and his son, James, as caregiver had all the resources they both needed in order to ensure a full recovery while in the comfort of their home. Tom did so many things for Dusty and Jimmy while on the clock and several times even off the clock that made life and dealing with a serious health issue more tolerable and manageable. One day, Tom shared some of his life story with Dusty. It was just two years later that Dusty was well enough to return to work and start planning ways to help Tom develop a meaningful campaign to help The Hapka's when they needed it the most. This is a personal and professional project that we are not charging a penny to do. We are donating our time and services to The Hapka's and the Life Beyond Brain Injury campaign as our way of paying it forward. It is our hope that we can touch and change as many lives for the better as possible while we proceed with this personal mission from the head and the heart. If you have any other questions about this project and our cause, please contact us. We're happy to discuss any aspect with you.

                                                              • The project goal to assist anyone with a TBI

                                                              • We do schedule events and sell merchandise.

                                                              • There is a secure donation site controlled by us.

                                                     • This is not just a fundraiser for one person.

                                                     • None of the proceeds return to us in any way.

                                                     • We don't allow proceeds to pay for event costs.


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