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Since April 2010, Metro News Network has primarily served
as an independent wire service supplying relevant, factual
content to both electronic and print news media agencies
domestically and internationally. Public access to our website
was discontinued in April 2018 and only credentialled members
of the press are able to log into the server where story packages
are stored within. The Met Sentinel was designated as the
website dedicated to our readers and consumers.

Designed out of a need to disseminate news and information to the public
while still maintaining a dedicated news wire service portal to fellow
journalists, The Met Sentinel was acquired and publicly offered in December 2017.
The entire content Metro News Wire Service had archived was transfered
to The Sentinel over a nine-month period and today, the digital newspaper
is currently subscription free offered to the masses at no cost.
Donor and reader support financially maintains the production.
A printed version of the newspaper is always available.

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