We are currently donating our professional services to the LifeBeyondBrainInjury.org campaign. MAMG/T3E cares.

Every year, MAMG/T3E chooses a charitable organisation to donate professional services and volunteer hours to for the ensuing year. In 2018, we chose the mission of LifeBeyondBrainInjury.org which is a support and resource community for people who have either suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or is a family or friend to someone who has gone through such an ordeal. Please read more about this groups efforts and its found Author Thomas Hapka's triumphant story.

Do you know of a group we should consider as our yearly mission? Please apply HERE. Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference.

We are happy to announce that the 2019 MAMG/T3E Charitable Endowment has been awarded to The Stephanie Nicole Charitable Foundation of Tampa, Florida. More details as they become available. Do you know of a charity that could use our help for an entire year? Apply HERE now.